About HE Designs, LLC

HE Designs. LLC is the inspired creation of Howard Eason, Owner/Design Expert, who has worked as an independent design consultant for many years. Creativity and Design is a natural gift to Howard who has always been influenced by all things creative. HE Designs always provides unique, creative design solutions in all that HE does.​

HE Designs motto is.. "Design is not just paint, furniture and accessories,  HE Designs believes that design can change your way of living to ultimately change your way of life!"

HE Designs is a design/consulting firm that specializes in providing advice for your design needs and brings passion at every stage of design with a focus on the details. HE has worked with varied clients, including homeowners, business owners and organizations within the Washington DC/Metro and Raleigh-Durham/Triangle Areas. HE has limitless ability to transform the basic and ordinary into the extraordinary. Best of all, HE is guided and influenced by “HIM” who is the greatest designer. HE Designs is only implementing the designs and work that the Creator has already inspired.

It is said that ‘HE does too much!’ ...And that is the slogan for HE Designs. HE believes his design efforts have always gone above and beyond the call and expectation of clients because that is what you deserve.