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Residential Design & Staging

​HE Designs LLC consults and advises on a variety of interior design solutions. HE implements various designs for clients influenced by many diverse styles, including Contemporary, Modern, Transitional, Traditional and Eclectic. HE always has a way of fusing the familiar with innovative techniques to form unique yet cohesive designs. 

HE continues to be inspired by many genres of design, culture and architecture observed in his travels. Whether it's Northeastern Urban Style, Southern Comfort, Caribbean Boldness, Southwestern Flare, or European Elegance, HE Designs has the ability to incorporate these influential inspirations into your design. 

HE ultimately will pay attention to your needs along with your personal style and taste to create a space that is appealing, functional, and visually dynamic.

Commercial Design & Planning

​HE Designs LLC consults and advises on a variety of Commerical design projects. Commercial Design is one of our fastest-growing client bases. HE implements various designs that are impactful, conversational, and outside of the box.  

We are excited about Commercial Design opportunities because it allows for unique and interesting designs. Our clients have a specific brand which they would like translated into the design for the project. This allows HE Designs to think beyond the norms of residential and produce designs that are worthy of conversation and attention. 

HE Designs understands the logistics of planning, building, and construction. This is why working with contractors and builders is no concern. Project management is a key responsibility for construction projects, and that is exactly where HE shines. 

​Event Design & Planning

​HE Designs has a belief that the small details make all the difference in design. Adding unique and creative touches will allow your moments to be both memorable and special. Whether you plan an intimate or large gathering or showing your care with a gift or with flowers, HE can help make your occasion more than just a moment but more like an experience.

HE realizes that most people have hectic days, long work hours, and planning gets pushed aside. HE is here to provide assistance and/or to manage your events and event planning. 



​Lifestyle Services & Design

'HE Does Too Much!' is the motto for HE Designs for a reason. HE Designs talent spans far greater than just the obvious; attention to detail is of greatest importance. 

​When it comes to custom, creative and visual projects, HE has the master-mind for bringing your project to life. From simple and classic to big and bold, there is no limit to the creativity that HE brings. 

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