Howard W Eason, a sought-after Creative Designer and Lifestyle Expert, has a passion for all things creative and equally has much compassion for his clients. He is as self-taught designer that began his interest and work in design at a very early age. There seems to be nothing that Howard cannot do because his creativity and interests spans over so many areas. He is viewed as 'the guy that does it all’ around his client community. You will also discover why ‘HE does too much!’ Howard was gifted as a youngster; growing up he learned much about design, home improvement, cooking, sewing, gardening and so many other interests.  Howard later attended North Carolina Central University and afterwards began a career in Finance. This afforded him the opportunities to work to help people with their interior design projects. His interests in design began to flourish even more as he adapted to new surroundings through travel and meeting new people and seeing new places. Having a very successful career in corporate provided Howard the opportunity to complete design makeovers for many deserving clients who desired for better design but could not afford it.


HE Designs was officially launched in the fall of 2009. The passion and urge for sharing his creativity with the world became a priority for his future. Howard instantly knew that the vision was clear to name the company ‘HE Designs’. The concept of HE Designs first originated from the obvious; it is the initials for Howard Eason. As the concept of the company name resonated more, the meaning connected with Howard spiritually. 

HE Designs began to take on a dual meaning; one being Howard Eason’s initials and the other was giving reverence to ‘'HE'’ our creator. HE Designs is guided and influenced by ‘HIM’ who is the greatest designer/creator. HE Designs is inspired by the platform of designs already created and influenced by nature.  The slogan for HE Designs is ‘HE does too much’. HE Designs believes that his efforts have always gone above and beyond the call and expectation of clients because that is what they deserve.   The slogan derived from a statement that was meant to be derogatory towards Howard’s 'over the top' efforts. …but…he later embraced the statement and made it his slogan because ‘doing too much’ is what Howard discovered that he was born and created to do. His clients appreciate his passion and willingness to go above and beyond expectation. Clients also appreciate him establishing teachable moments during the creative process.


Howard has great ties with his family and friends. His hobbies include travelling, design, event planning, home improvement, cooking, car shows, charity work, and watching sports.  The ultimate vision for Howard and HE Designs, LLC is to create a platform to change people’s lives through design. Howard believes that the experience of design can be transforming in so many ways. HE Designs’, LLC's motto is ... ‘'Design is not just about paint, furniture and accessories, HE Designs believes that design can change your way of living to ultimately change your way of life!’ ’The fruits of the design process should not only produce a space that is designed to its greatest potential, but also it should inspire clients to live up to their greatest potential.   Howard's ultimate dream and inspiration is to create a platform which stimulates and motivates design and creativity across larger audiences.

HGTV All American Handyman - Season 2 

Howard Eason was chosen to be a cast member on the second season of HGTV’s All American Handyman. He became one of 20 contestants on the show to compete in weekly timed elimination challenges. The show was filmed in Brooklyn, N.Y. and was judged by Mike Holmes (HGTV’s Holmes Inspection) and Scott McGillivray (HGTV’s Income Property).


Special Fan Message:


Much Thanks to all my fans that supported me in this reality show competition! You all are so awesome! Thanks for all of your Fan Favorite voting also. I recongnize all the love and support out there and it's much appreciated!

For those of you that followed the show you probably know that I placed in the Top 12 out of the 20 contestants and not to mention thousands of applicants... no too bad, right! It was such a GREAT experience! I believe it was because of my passion, creativity and design background that kept me in the competition. For me, it was all about keeping a positive attitude, thinking quickly, and having confidence in my work. I had such a blast! My cast-mates are so amazingly talented!... and very much the real deal! I am so glad to be a part of such an awesome cast and crew of people.
Here are some photos from the show....

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